Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LOOK! I'm actually reading a BOOK

Hey Kids...and by kids I mean the 3 of you who sometimes read this blog....wander over to:

Our church is reading this interesting book entitled: What's the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian.  I'm writing some short posts over there and welcome you to join in!

The book was written by Martin Thielen, a Methodist pastor.  It's an easy fact that's some of the criticism...maybe a little too easy!'s summer...I'm hot and I don't mind easy!

It's not "fluffy"!  And it still maintains plenty of thoughtfulness and things to "ponder".  It is NOT as book about "shortcuts"  Someone criticized our parish's reading of this book by posting a hasty comment on Facebook! ha!  Literally judging the book by its cover!  "Lawd" have mercy.

So it's not "What's the Least I Can DO" and still be a Christian!  As you all know, better than I, being a Christian...a real person who is trying her/his best to be in relationship with the Living God who demands love and justice and forgiveness (like all the dang time!) is hard work.  So this book doesn't downplay that reality at all.

So dive in!  Join in our parish's book discussion.  See you later! 

Translation: mama ain't writing for two blogs!  I'll be back to this one after the book study is over!