Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Away we Go

Hello Friends! And I use all of those words loosely! Even saying hello scares me a bit here on the big ol' internets (as a certain mom says). And the word friend really carries a lot of weight, don't you think? (as do I for that matter, but please do not comment on that!) The impetus for this blog began with my work at Christ Church Cathedral. During this season of Lent I've been leading a discussion and some retreats on the topic of forgiveness. Such a weighty, difficult, empowering (and I hate that word), hopeful, frightening topic and one that warrants frequent reflection and discussion. What a privilege it has been to wade into those waters with parishioners from several churches and with many true friends. We've used the books The Sunflower, Forgiven and Forgiving (quite possibly my favorite book of all time), and The Shack. And o yes. the Bible! I am a priest after all, and must earn my keep! So after all this slogging through Lent and these books the conclusion is...forgiveness is hard. Duh! And forgiveness, like our daily bread, must be asked for and eaten every day. No matter how much you eat at the Golden Corral buffet on Sunday (ask me about the Golden Corral some day) you are still going to be hungry on Tuesday. We sometimes tend to forget that as it relates to forgiveness. It is that important and that rudimentary. Like so much of our lives of faith, it is a matter of the daily-ness. Not one big blinding burst of Light (my apologies to St. Paul), just daily walking, daily success, daily struggle, daily tedium, daily joy. Peace y'all! Rhoda